Esther 13years and Yvonne 11 years lived with their father in Daboase. The father had sexual relationship with Esther till she got pregnant and started having sex with Yvonne till the case was reported to the police station by their mother upon hearing about her child’s pregnancy. The case was referred to HURDS by the DOVVSU unit in Sekondi to assist in the medical bills and the legal redress and psycho social counseling. We fulfilled our duty and their father; Joshua Mensah was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.

    Esther was so much attached to her father and always sad when we visited him at the police cells but after two sections of counseling with her she realized the harm the father has caused and supported the attempt to imprison him. We were able to work on her to take away the guilt and blame on her.

    In one of the sections she remarked so how would the unborn baby call the perpetrator ‘My grandfather, My father .The children are now in Accra with their mother and the office is monitored and ensured that Yvonne who has dropped out of school is enrolled in school and Esther after childbirth is now a school girl.

    AMA & ESI

     Ama and Esi all aged 16 were staying with David an uncle to Ama and a father to Esi respectively. After an awareness creation at, a school a teacher approached us and narrated the ordeal of Ama a candidate then for the Basic Elementary Certificate exams had to spend the night at the mosque just to escape the snare of her uncle forcefully having sex . So alarming was the fact that this uncle was also sleeping with his own daughter, Esi. having sex with Windy his biological daughter. They both reported he touches their breast and buttocks whenever he wants to send them on errands.

    Nevertheless, it was not an easy journey at all in the absence of a shelter institution to house  them since they were revictimize by the family for exposing the rot .But through it all we managed to find them a safe home  in collaboration with the department of Social Welfare and Domestic Violence Victim and Support Unit and cared for them till they entered the Senior High school where  they were reunited  to their  mothers respectively.