1. Gender and Sexual Based ViolenceB
  2. Child Right Protection
  3. Access to Justice
  4. Health Awareness Campaign

Education is a fundamental for eradicating poverty. Over one million children are out of school while other lack basic necessities to access education. We support orphans and vulnerable children go to school by providing or help link them to food, cloth, school fees, school uniforms and medical care.

Child rights to education
Empowering the child is the first line of protection against abuse. They must know their rights before they can know when they are violated. Our staff and volunteers work with teachers, church leaders and parents; they visit schools, the churches and other community gatherings. They engage and talk with the students sharing and educating them on child rights using age appropriate messages.

The child rights club in school
We work with the schools to form child rights clubs. The children learn and gain skills on abuse prevention and interventions. They become advocates and ambassadors for their rights and that of other children. They learn through poems, drama, songs and other activities. More and more children are now reporting cases of abuse to their teachers and receiving appropriate support.

Community awareness on Sexual and Gender Based Violence
We create awareness on abuse and prevention by visiting groups, community gatherings, churches, every organized forum and one on one. We go to all who are involved with children and educate them on the rights of the child, the laws protecting children; how to identify and mitigate on abuse cases and more.

Health is a right of every child. We create awareness on healthcare and prevention all kind of killer diseases and virus infection by collaborating with health care institutions and experts.