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HURDS Foundation was founded and formed by Eva Ankrah a Social Worker from the University of Ghana, and as per the passion and experience gained at Initiative Development – Ghana, Women in Law and Development in Africa, and Ripples International respectively equipped her to form this organization. Working to promote the right of women and children over a decade built an unquenchable passion for ending domestic and sexual violence against children an especially the girl child which is a primary cause of child marriages in the rural and fishing communities in Ghana.


We envision creating a community that recognizes the rights of women and children in an empowered community.


To empower women and children especially girls by promoting gender equality and influence change at the community level with a holistic approach in partnership with stakeholders.


1. We are Child focused.
2. Accountable to our beneficiaries and donors.
3. Responsive and respectful to our beneficiaries and partners.


1. Ensure effective promotion of human rights and streamline advocacy in all HURDS program activities.
2. Provision of quality shelter and protection services to children who have faced abuse
3. To train legal literacy volunteers to give legal counselling at the community level.
4. To create a platform for young women to learn and share experience on domestic violence laws, and other pertinent issues of concern.
5. Provision of conflict resolution mechanisms to settle disputes.


Since receiving its first grant in 2018, HURDS from it has worked tremendously over the period to rescue and rehabilitate sexually abused children. The organization at its preliminary stage has gained visibility in the Western Region where it operates following the successful cases handled and its positive impact in on the lives which were saved. We are confident that if we attract funding from both local and international donors, we will address diverse needs with emphasis on care for orphans and vulnerable children, families and the communities, and also as our primary focus is to put up a temporary shelter to rescue and rehabilitate sexually abused girls for a holistic approach to end sexual violence against children.


In recognition of the need to ensure that the rights and welfare of all children in the community is effectively cared for, HURDS has initiated and strengthened its advocacy on children’s issues for prevention and intervention, to ensure that all children and the community at large have relevant information on their rights.


Rescue and rehabilitate sexually abused girls under the age of 18 years. We pay medical bills, give them legal redress, psychosocial counseling, food and education to ensure the total healing of girls from the trauma they have shelter necessary. We aim at putting a shelter for the sexually abused girls to ensure a holistic approach to child sexual violence.


Prevention of pregnancy among school girls and facilitation of Re-entry into school after childbirth.


We settle cases of domestic violence using alternative Disputes Resolution Mechanism and provide legal aid to our clients in the areas of non-maintenance, compensation and marital issues and counseling free of charge.










The main beneficiaries of our activities are children below 18 years, and marginalized women, specifically:
1. Children 17 years and below who are at constant risk of abuse or have faced any form abused including the youth.
2. Community opinion leaders including children as educators who get equipped with relevant skills to be advocates for the rights of children and also to conduct outreaches to other peoples in the community.
3. The general community – Reached through awareness campaigns with relevant human rights and Domestic violence messages to help support the protection of children’s rights.
4. Government agencies involved in children’s welfare, the police, the judiciary, health workers and teachers.
5. Teenage mother who are supported to go back to school or learn a vocation.


1. Regional base intervention training and radio advocacy on ending early/child marriage through the Girls Not Bride project.
2. Advocacy on children’s issues for prevention and intervention on all forms of abuses through Community sensitization, radio Broadcasting, Outreach in schools and churches.
3. Community rescue for abused girls Shelters for children and girls under the age of 18 years. A shelter is under construction for sexually abused girls. Presently, because the shelter is not yet completed we support abused girls in the community.
4. Sexual Health of young people and girls including comprehensive sexuality education that includes issues on menstrual hygiene, and addressing child and early marriage.
5. Support for Teenage mothers in Skill training and Education.
6. Legal Awareness Program: Increased legal rights awareness in communities of the Western Region and challenge empowered women to challenge some customary practices especially those that have been outlawed by legislation.